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Dental Laboratory Accounts Receivable and Scheduling Software

The world of computers is constantly evolving. In a single lifetime, computers have gone from giant machines that take up a small building to hand held devices small enough to fit in your pocket. As their prices have plummeted, they've been found to be indispensable both in the business and home. The growth of the internet means almost every computer on the planet can affordably talk to one another. No longer tied to slow modem speeds or expensive T1 connections, the internet is used by more and more businesses to communicate. Chances are you already order most of your supplies using this effective medium. Winvoice Development has been providing Dental Laboratory software since 1994. Our softwares have included Winvoice Pro, Winvoice Net, Winvoice Lite, Junior, Junior Plus I, Junior Plus II, and Junior Plus III. We've paid careful attention making sure our softwares work on the oldest and newest computers you can possibly find. In fact, besides our Net 32bit and Pro 4.0, all our softwares can still be run on a Windows 3.1 computer. We've always taken a step back from the latest trends to make sure that every customer could use our software. Until now.

The future of computers is online software. Online softwares utilize the internet to remotely connect to your information rather than having to install anything on your computer. You open Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari, type in the address of your site, and you're instantly connected to your data no matter where you are in the world. You can be on vacation or even meeting with a doctor in their office, and log in to check on how well your business is doing. Best yet, you can provide logins to your customers allowing them to enter invoices, view their schedule, and even see their statements. Winvoice Online is fully multi-user and you can have as many logins to your site as you wish. Winvoice Online is the fastest way to create an online presense for your lab. Themes, page editors, news editing, and logo uploading allow you to customize the look and feel of your site. You can offer to your customers features that not even some of the largest labs have available. When you set up your site, you pick your own subdomain name. For example, a lab named Acme, Inc. might choose or Subdomains are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. One of our most frequent calls to our technical support line is about a computer breaking down and information being lost due to backups not being made, or not made frequently enough. With Winvoice Online, your backups and upgrades are all handled on our servers. A monthly usage fee based on the number of jobs completed or a percentage of sales (see options below) allows us to maintain and upgrade our server farm and software. You'll always be "using the latest version" as bug fixes and new features are instantly available. A suggestion and revision history page allows you to see what's been accomplished and give us ideas on how to improve your business.

With our previous softwares, we targeted each to a specific sized lab. Junior for the smaller labs, Pro for medium sized, and Net for the large businesses. Winvoice Online melds the best features of each to provide ease of use, flexibility, and security. Winvoice Online is available now for a $50 setup fee. After the initial fee, it is a small monthly charge based upon your use of the software. We offer two different pricing options:

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Pricing plans to fit your unique business

Per Invoice
Best for labs with small numbers of invoices with high invoiced amounts
Reduces to $0.225/invoice > 1,000 invoices
Reduces to $0.20/invoice > 10,000 invoices
Example: 100 shipped invoices for one month would be $25.
Total Sales
Best for labs with large numbers of invoices
Reduces to 0.13% > $50,000
Reduces to 0.11% > $100,000 invoices
Example: $10,000 in total sales for one month would be $15.
$50 initial setup. Switch plans at any time!

WinVoice Online Features

Case scheduling
Customer case critiques
Interest/early pay discounts
Customized printing
Item tracking
Customizable pages
Unlimited users
Station tracking
Credit card processing
Batch codes for optimizing work flow
Accessible world wide
Customer/Accountant logins
Email reports to customers
Time/Break clock for employees
Customer credit limits
Customer-to-Lab messaging
UPS shipping/return label integration
Graphical case planning
Free upgrades!
Unlimited technical support included!

WinVoice Online ScreenShots