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The following is information on a legacy product. It has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.


Dental/Optical Windows Ordering/Inventory

WinPECOS v1.0

PECOS is an acronym of Personal Electronic Ordering System. The primary purpose of PECOS is to provide dental laboratories with an on-site electronic catalog(s) of the items that they order on a regular basis. PECOS allows the operator to quickly search and select items from the catalog(s) and send a order via a modem directly to the vendor's computer.

Electronic ordering has many advantages over traditional ordering. The most important advantage is Speed. It takes just a few seconds to compile and send an order at 2400 baud compared to a substantial amount of time looking up product codes, dialing the telephone, waiting on hold and finally giving your order to a customer service personnel.

Record Keeping is another advantage. When placing an order using WinPECOS you are prompted if you would like a purchase order printed, this is a permanent record of the items you expect to receive.

Convenience is another advantage, electronically you can place your order at any hour of the day, night, weekend or holiday, at the touch of a button.

Reliability, there is never the chance of a misunderstanding on quantity or which items you wish to order with ordering by WinPECOS.

PECOS first began as a DOS based application in 1994 and has since grown to include very sophisticated perpetual inventory control features and has become an invaluable tool for large laboratories wishing to quickly and easily track their inventory.

WinPECOS is limited to the catalog searching and electronic ordering features of it's DOS counterpart but written in the easy to use graphical format of Windows. Future releases will incorporated more and more of the extensive inventory features of DOS PECOS.

Orders generated with WinPECOS are sent to a server using the PECOS protocol. The PECOS protocol uses compression, tight blocks, and multiple verification to guarantee the integrity of your orders. PECOS Server is a catalog maintaining and electronic order receiving software system.