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The following is information on a legacy product. It has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.


Dental Laboratory Customer Order Tracking

WWDS stands for WinVoice Web Doctor Schedule. This set of utilities integrates WinVoice into the World Wide Web by giving an interface for your doctors to look up case scheduled and completed dates.

Instead of your doctors constantly calling to check when a case is scheduled or how a case was shipped, they can use their computers and look up the case at their leisure. Leaving you to work on the case rather than spend valuable time on the phone.

WWDS consists of three parts. The first, allows you to configure WWDS. You set up each doctor with an account number and password(make as complex or simple as you'd like). For each doctor, you also configure what information they can see. Choose and arrange Patient name, received date, scheduled date, pan number, shade, total fee, shipping method, and completed date.

The second part is a web page updating program. This software reads your WinVoice data, compiles the doctor schedule information, and sends it to an FTPable web site. Update the site as often, or as little as you'd like!

The final component is the CGI module. This you place on your web page and is executed by your web page. It auto-generates HTML(a web page) based on the account number and password passed to it through a form.

Its easy to integrate WWDS into already existing web pages. It takes less than 4 lines of HTML!

NOTE: To use this system your ISP(Internet Service Provider) MUST support CGI's. If not, it is also possible to work out an arrangement to place the cgi on our server. Call for details.