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The following is information on a legacy product. It has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.


Dental/Optical DOS Ordering/Inventory

PECOS for DOS v1.0

This software was developed to assist industry, the small business owner, and anyone else who orders supplies or materials from vendors on a regular basis. The hours we have all spent searching for a catalog, finding the items we need to order in the catalog's index, then finding the items on the proper page, jotting down the item numbers, calling the vendor only to hear the recording: "Thank you for calling...if you know the customer service personal are busy now, please hold for the next...", can now be reduced to just a few minutes using this program. Repetitive ordering, inventory control and proper record keeping is now Painless!

Some advantages of PECOS over traditional ordering are:

  • Savings in time and people, which translates to increased profits.
  • Faster reorder time for your product.
  • Less customer and vendor errors when ordering.
  • Concise inventory control and record keeping.
  • Marketing, cost and profit analysis.
  • Instant inventory accountability for taxes and identification in the event of a fire or natural disaster

PECOS will run on IBM compatible PC's, ranging from the first 8088 XT's to Pentium based systems. If you intend to use a barcode scanner, and keep a perpetual inventory, we recommend PECOS be installed on a machine with at least a 386 processor and five megabytes of free drive space.

PECOS is limited only by your available free drive space. You may have as many vendors, catalogs, items, items on order, etc., as your hard disk will allow.

PECOS supports several methods of data entry. In addition to your keyboard you may use a barcode scanner or a portable Telxon barcode scanning unit.

PECOS supports most any modem. Three types of communication routines and configurable modem settings insure that PECOS can use your modem. PECOS has been tested using from pre 1980's 300 baud hardware to state of the art 28.8K high speed modems.

PECOS's screen colors are fully configurable to your personal taste or, if you prefer you may use the default Color, or Mono video sets.

Fast, easy, efficient, configurable, and dependable were the watch words taken to heart when creating this product.