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The following is information on a legacy product. It has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

WinVoice Lite

Dental Laboratory Accounts Receivable and Scheduling Software

Lite is designed specificly for small to medium sized labs who need extra reporting capabilities.
Its fully compatible with its bigger siblings Pro and Net. And is a full featured software!

Written for Windows, WinVoice LITE takes a graphical approach to dental laboratory invoicing and billing, making traditionally boring and tedious tasks quick, easy, professional and fun! The Lite version is designed for 1-10 person labs and a single(non-networked) computer.

The invoice screen is designed intuitively permitting quick data entry, just a few clicks of your mouse and your invoice/work ticket is complete. no more need for product codes, pencils, calculators, and frustration. Most fields have pull down boxes allowing you to quickly select an item instead of having to type the name or code. If you prefer to type, you need only type the first few letters of the data before WinVoice recognizes what you are looking for and completes typing for you. Dates are especially easy, a graphical calendar is displayed, you just click on the day in question. Pricing is simple, just click on a tooth in the tooth chart, it automatically highlights, telling the system the number of units and the teeth involved. It doesn't take an incredible typist or someone with computer knowledge to quickly generate an invoice with WinVoice.

Not only is WinVoice quick and easy, it is almost completely configurable. Every element of an invoice can be changed to fit how you run your lab. You may setup as many departments, shades, restorations, designs, and metals that you wish. You may name them what you wish, and price them as you wish. You even have the ability to specify different fees for every doctor. WinVoice is shipped complete with dummy doctors, restorations, designs, and prices. All that is needed to start, is to modify the existing dummy data to correspond with your lab's doctors, restorations, and prices.

WinVoice is designed to be pleasing to the eye as well as to the other senses. The look and feel of WinVoice can be changed to fit your individual tastes. You can change the background desktop that WinVoice uses. Select from any bitmap you desire, a Windows desktop bitmap, your company logo, the PECOS desert scene, or if you prefer, a plain background color.

Keeping you in touch with your lab's operations is a high priority for WinVoice. Real time reporting gives up to the minute information on doctor productivity, value, and remakes. You can instantly view a unit and dollar amount of cases working and receivables that are current, 30, 60, 90, and 120+. Scheduling is also a snap with WinVoice and unlike most dental lab software, WinVoice can send all reports to the screen, print, or fax/modem.

WinVoice is a Windows based program. Therefore, you can use the clipboard to cut and paste information from other Windows programs. If you already have doctor information in your word processor, this makes setting up WinVoice a breeze. WinVoice has been optimized for multi tasking environments so there is no need to exit WinVoice when you run your word processor or other software. You can hardly tell that WinVoice is operating in the background!

Most of today's popular software titles require vast amount of drive space. We know you drive space is a valuable commodity, that's why the data file structures of WinVoice have been designed not only for speed, but for size as well. The basic WinVoice installation takes a mere 2 megs of drive space!

WinVoice requires a minimum of a 386-33 IBM compatible PC with 2 megs of RAM, 5 megs of free drive space, Windows 3.1, and a high density 3 1/2 floppy. Fully tested with Windows 95 and Windows NT, WinVoice will run on practically any computer.

Some of the primary advantages of WinVoice over other Windows packages are:

  • Form letters, invoices, work tickets, and statements can be modified to fit your existing pre-printed forms or you may completely customize them to fit your tastes(we offer a service to create custom forms for a nominal fee). All customized formats can be printed on plain paper, tractor feed computer paper or pre-printed forms.
  • Fully compatible with Pro and Net. Upgrading to a larger version is quick and easy. WITHOUT LOOSING YOUR DATA!
  • Easy to use interface complete with button bars, status bars, and configurable "desktop".
  • Unlimited old case lookup. Cases are saved until you decide to remove them.
  • Reports are configurable. This allows you to get to the information you want when you want.
  • Onscreen reports. These tabular dialogs allow you to look at and even copy to the clipboard your report information.
  • Pie graphs give you a graphical representation of your business data.
  • Supports both United States and Canadian tooth numbering schemes.
  • Practically unlimited configuration. You are "limited" to approximately a million doctors, restorations, designs, shipping types, payment types, status types, metals, departments, etc. Restorations and designs are sub-divided by department for faster data entry.
  • Auto-scheduling. You configure how long it takes to preform your restorations and configure a easy to use calendar and WinVoice will give you recommendations on when to schedule cases!

The reasons for going with Lite over Junior are:

  • Increased reporting capabilities. You are able to track your restorations, employee steps, and many other advanced reports with Lite.
  • Keep old invoices as long as you'd like. Monthly, Junior moves old invoices to a history file and only keeps the prior months statements on-hand. Lite allows you to keep invoices in the master list as long as you'd like and re-generate old reports/statements as far back as you'd wish.
  • Easier upgrading. Lite/Pro/Net have the same user interface and configuration. Meaning that if you later decide you need the power of Pro or Net, the upgrade is almost seemless(you just gain new features). Upgrading from Junior to Lite, Pro, or Net is fairly incomplete, only your doctor configuration and ending balances convert over due to the extreme differences in the Junior software.
  • Auto-Scheduling. Invoice search functions. Auto past due doctor intrest calculation. Seperate adjustments feature keeps your billing organized. More print formats. And many others!