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The following is information on legacy products. They have been discontinued and are no longer for sale.

Just a few of many features
Net Pro PlusIII PlusII PlusI JR
"Themes" for users with limited computer experience     X X X X
No pre-configuration necessary, just add your doctors and begin     X X X X
Optimized for the way smaller dental labs operate     X X X X
Multi-user (simultaneous access by multiple computers, single node version available) X          
Optimized for large dental labs generating many, many invoices! X          
Inventory and electronic ordering X          
Individual step and station barcode tracking X          
Time clock X          
Super-Advanced report options X          
Day/Period Invoice/Credit locking X          
Super-Advanced security to restrict employees access to data X          
Multiple companies (ability to invoice & bill for multiple labs/locations) X X        
Employee multi tier security (logon and specific data access) X X        
Archiving (compress old invoices for later reference, saves space) X X        
Employee tracking/reporting X X X      
Customizable invoice based label generation X X        
Imaging (store scanned images along with cases) X X X X    
Auto-scheduling of cases X X X X    
History reporting (view old periods statements/reports) X X X X    
System password security X X X X X  
Restoration/Charge tracking X X X X X  
Remake & Doctor productivity reporting X X X X X  
Extensive "Clickable" reports X X X X X X
Graphical printing capabilities (print bitmaps/logos) X X X X X X
Customizable invoice/statement/communication printouts X X X X X X
Unlimited configuration (limited only by drive space) X X X X X X
Report generated color Graphs and on screen reporting X X X X X X
Supports all printers, prints on plain paper, your forms or ours X X X X X X
Extensive Hypertext online Help, easy to read Users Manual X X X X X X
Integrates with our WinPECOSTm (electronic ordering software) X X X X X X
Unlimited pricing schemes and discounts for all doctors X X X X X X
Supports Full Service, C&B, Denture, Partial and Ortho labs X X X X X X
Supports multiple tooth numbering schemes, USA, Canada config. X X X X X X
Supports tax calculations, color printing, and much more! X X X X X X
Price in US dollars * 349 366 307 248 189
* Net requires a one time $899 origination payment, then $240/yr in support/license for each node to use the software at the same time. AKA a 4 node version of the software would be $899 plus $960/yr. Usualy made in quarterly installments.
Junior v1.0 at $189 with $59 for Plus I module
Junior v1.0 at $189 with $59 for Plus I module and an additional $59 for Plus II module
Junior v1.0 at $189 with $59 for Plus I module, along with $59 for Plus II module, and an additional $59 for the Plus III module

(Comparison is based on WinVoiceNET v3.6, WinVoicePRO v3.3, and WinVoiceJr v1.0)