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Founded in 1993 by Tom Yancy, e.lens, Inc. is located in Tulsa, OK. We have a long history of excellence in the area of software design and hardware manufacturing.


WinVoice began as a simple windows software to run Tom Yancy's dental lab. In 1995, it was expanded and sold to other labs. After getting feedback from customers, the multi-user WinVoice Net was released in 1996. 1996 also saw the release of the streamlined Lite version while the base package was renamed Pro. 1998 saw the release of WinVoice Junior, a ground up design for one or two person labs. The following years saw upgrade "Plus" modules become available for Junior, making it our most popular line. In 2006 a brand new software fully web based software was born, WinVoice Online. Being based on more than a decade of WinVoice product development and support notes. It offered the advanced reporting, scheduling, and multi user elements that Net had along with the simplicity and speed of Junior. In 2008, we began phasing out Junior, Pro, and Net and focused our work exclusively on our online software.


In 1999, while the internet was still young, we created a system of remote tracing and doctor-to-lab order transmission. It's special pen and paper combined with an inexpensive flatbed scanner allowed customers to send shapes along with order information using modems either directly or across the internet. In 2000 a fully web based version of the system was created. 2002 saw the release of which enabled labs to easily navigate the complex pricing of stock lenses and direct warehouse shipping to their customers. e.lensOrder was completely revamped in 2003 to utilize the latest technologies and gave labs the ability to completely control their lens/item list. It's been enhanced throughout the years to offer tight control over product availability and prescription ranges. In 2004 we unveiled our first hardware product, e.lens Drill. 2012 saw the launch of the TrayTaxi line of destacker/staker/conveyors.